Traffic Violations

Be Aware of What Is at Stake in a Traffic Case

It's just a speeding ticket. No big deal, right? Wrong. In North Carolina, excessive speeding can result in a license revocation. There are many traffic regulations that the average citizen does not know about as they enter court to represent themselves in a traffic violations case. We see it everyday in court. People who represent themselves do so at their peril and their actions often lead to completely avoidable license suspensions and insurance premium increases.

At the law firm of Gerrans, Foster & Sargeant, PA, in Kinston, we have handled countless traffic cases over the years, both as a prosecutor and as defense counsel. We understand how to protect the driving privileges and automobile insurance rates of our clients.

How much would your life change if you were unable to drive? Would you be able to keep your job? Your house? Would you tire of calling your friends, relatives and taxi cabs to give you a ride every day? Think about that the next time you see those ladies and gentlemen riding mopeds around our city. Chances are they were not clients of ours. Our firm can help you explore strategies to protect or regain your drivers license. To discuss your unique situation with an experienced attorney, contact us today.

Traffic Violations Can Mean More Than Just a Fine

In addition to losing your drivers license, speeding and other traffic violations such as careless and reckless driving can bring misdemeanor criminal convictions that will remain on your criminal record for the rest of your life. Such convictions have long lasting insurance consequences as well that can cost thousands of dollars. With so much on the line, it is in your best interest to allow us to do it right the first time since you don't get a second chance in court. Some who've tried to save a few bucks by doing it themselves have discovered too late that their mistakes have cost them many times what it would have cost them to hire the professionals at Gerrans, Foster & Sargeant, PA. From helping you secure a temporary license to avoiding increased insurance costs or a license revocation, we can handle all aspects of your case.

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