Shaken Baby Syndrome

North Carolina Shaken Baby Syndrome Lawyers

In numerous tragic cases every year, a child dies or is severely injured as a result of what is called shaken baby syndrome (SBS). In fact, the CDC reports that "nearly all victims of SBS suffer serious health consequences, and at least one of every four babies who are violently shaken dies from this form of child maltreatment."

If this has happened and you have been charged with child abuse, you need an aggressive attorney on your side to make sure you assert and defend your legal rights.

The law firm of Gerrans, Foster & Sargeant, PC, has been defending individuals accused of offenses against children and other crimes since 1982. Our principal North Carolina shaken baby syndrome attorney, William W. Gerrans, has three decades of experience and has handled just as many, if not more, SBS cases than any other criminal defense lawyer in the state. He receives frequent referrals from other lawyers in cases of this kind.

In addition, Mr. Gerrans and attorney Allen Foster are both graduates of the prestigious Trial Lawyers College, which is an accomplishment only a few lawyers in the state have achieved.

We Understand That Most People Do Not Intend Harm

In these types of matters, juries tend to treat adults who have accidentally hurt a child as if they intentionally murdered them. At Gerrans, Foster & Sargeant, PC, we know that this is usually not the case.

Research shows that the primary trigger for an adult shaking a baby is inconsolable crying. The man or woman often becomes angry and frustrated with the noise and simply wants to quiet the child. To read the CDC's recommended strategies for dealing with an infant's incessant crying and learn tips for preventing this type of serious brain injury to children, click here.

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