Homicides & Assaults

Defending Clients Against Even The Most Serious Violent Crime Charges

At the criminal defense firm of Gerrans, Foster & Sargeant, PA, we have been successfully defending some of the most serious criminal cases in the region for many years. Our Kinston and Morehead City attorneys for assault charges and homicide charges have built a respected reputation in North Carolina and beyond for their aggressive, strategic defense of our clients' rights and futures.

We handle cases involving charges of:

  • Murder and homicide
  • Vehicular homicide
  • Assault
  •  Sexual assault
  •  Other violent crimes

Eastern NC Homicide Defense Attorneys With Decades Of Experience

For the past 30 years, attorney William W. Gerrans has defended clients throughout the region in complex death penalty cases. He has personally defended over 100 homicide cases during the course of his career and assisted other lawyers with approximately 100 other homicide cases.

For the past 20 years, attorney Allen C. Foster II has been practicing criminal law and defending murder cases. As a former prosecutor, he understands the opposition's strategy and how to exploit any weaknesses in the prosecution's case.

Both attorneys are graduates of the prestigious Trial Lawyers College, which is an accomplishment only a few lawyers in the state have achieved.

Don't Let The Prosecution Have The Final Say

Both Mr. Gerrans and Mr. Foster are local attorneys who actually know the area and the people in the community, unlike attorneys from Raleigh, for instance, who merely advertise here. In addition, both are committed to handling cases the old way: actively fighting the criminal charges instead of quietly submitting to law enforcement's demands.

One of the most effective arguments that our attorneys use, when applicable, is that of self-defense. The state has to prove without a reasonable doubt that you did not act in self-defense in order to convict in a self-defense case.

We have particular experience with defenses such as self-defense, defense of another, defense of home and stand your ground cases. In fact, 2011 changes to the law have significantly expanded citizens' rights in this area. Remember, the prosecution must prove beyond any and all reasonable doubts that someone accused did not act in self-defense.

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If you have been charged with murder, vehicular homicide, assault or any other violent crime in North Carolina, you need to get a professional and highly experienced advocate on your side right away. Schedule a consultation with one of the criminal defense lawyers at Gerrans, Foster & Sargeant, PA, by calling us at 252.522.4500 in Kinston or 252.773.0015 in Morehead City, or send us an email today.