Felony Charges

Felony Defense Attorneys in Eastern North Carolina

If you have been arrested and charged with a felony, or even think you are being investigated for a felony offense, you need a lawyer right now. It is never too early to ask questions and gain information.

Whether the allegations involve assault, murder, sex crimes or theft, it is not wise for you to attempt to handle your defense on your own. The legislature has set up significant penalties for felonies and the prosecution often seeks and gets maximum punishment. Everyone but you in the courtroom will know the rules and procedures that will be used to send you to prison.

At the law firm of Gerrans, Foster & Sargeant, PA, we have considerable experience defending clients against almost all felony charges. Our system places the burden of proof on the prosecutors and law enforcement to prove each and every element (or sub-part) of each crime charged beyond any and all reasonable doubts. Under our legal system, you are not guilty unless they can prove every element. We'll make them prove each element or dismiss when they cannot.

Before speaking to the police, get in touch with an attorney who has the ability to help you. Call 252.522.4500, or send us an e-mail to speak to an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

From Seat Belt Violations to Murder, We Handle It All

Our attorneys handle a wide variety of felony defense cases in North Carolina and Federal courts, including such charges as:

  • Homicide
  • Drug Charges
  • Murder
  • Hunting Violations
  • Assault
  • Sex Crimes
  • Larceny and Property Crimes

What Are Your Goals in Life?

Whether your goals include owning an automobile, home or firearm, joining the military or being accepted to college, felony charges could put an end to your dreams. To fully explore your options for preventing this from happening, put our aggressive criminal defense team on your side.

Whether we can negotiate the charges down or win your case outright by obtaining a not guilty verdict or dismissal, we will do everything we can to outwork the district attorney, exposing flaws in their case and forcing their hand.

With the experience of a former Assistant District Attorney, we understand what they have to work with and the possible weaknesses of their case. In addition, attorneys William Gerrans and Allen Foster are both graduates of the prestigious Trial Lawyers College, which is an accomplishment only a few lawyers in the state have achieved.

To discuss your options with a dedicated criminal defense attorney, contact us today.