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Although the court may have dismissed the criminal charges against you, the fact that you were arrested will still show up on a criminal background check. Employers, landlords, loan officers, neighbors and others will continue to see the black mark on your record. The only real way to eliminate this problem and regain your good name is through expungement (sometimes called expunction).

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Many young people believe that any criminal charges made before they turned 18 will not show up on their permanent record as adults. This is not necessarily true. In North Carolina's criminal system, those 16 and older are considered adults and in danger of carrying the charge with them for life.

2011 changes to the expungement laws allow for the first time in North Carolina certain felony convictions to be expunged as well as other important changes to the expungement laws.

What Will An Expungement Do?

An order of expungement will seal from view all the records relating to the criminal offense, including:

  • Police records
  • Court records
  • Sheriff's department records
  • State Bureau of Investigation records
  • North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles records
  • Mug shots
  • Fingerprints

The only record that will remain is a confidential file in the Administrative Office of the Courts that can only be viewed by judges of the General Court of Justice. It will not show up on background checks, and the law allows that you can legally say that you have never been charged with that crime.

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